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Curved Dash Runabout

A vehicle that has been in the works for 40+ years. We have been perfecting the classic 1903 Oldsmobile, and now it is completely electric! 

The craftsmanship, distinct styling, proportions, and general appearance of the Curved Dash Oldsmobile have been maintained, but that's where the resemblance stops, and improvements begin. The Curved Dash Runabout is an ideal and elegant alternative to the standard golf cart. The Runabout is equally at home on or off road as well as an endless number of other roles. Being completely electric, we strive to bring the elegance of the past to life with modern technology to make it more affordable and better for the environment.

The basic curved Dash Runabout consists of a green powder coat finish on an aluminum body with gold pinstriping and wheels with red decorative features. A leather diamond tufted seat is installed for comfort and elegance, with a white oak frame and black wrought iron railings. The wheels are completely metal for a longer lasting vehicle!

The standard powertrain consists of 2 electric batteries and a percent charge reading to check battery life and mile distance for your trip. Two batteries takes 1 hour to charge. Battery range is 20 miles, but two extra batteries can be installed for even more range. Automatic transmission with foward and reverse capabilities. Provided under the seat is a spacious storage compartment!


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